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About Us

BIOSTAR has achieved big success since its establishment in 1999. Offering valuable contributions to its clients, customers as well as its employees, BIOSTAR is determined to maintain its market reliability, which is one of its major targets.  

BIOSTAR continues to develop its product portfolio and attaches great importance on long-lasting business relations in order to add signature to a permanent success. 

Chief among its objectives is keeping abreast of the innovations so as to develop and grow its position in business. This is why BIOSTAR is still expanding its product portfolio through the partnership and cooperation it has made with other sectors and countries.

Possessing an innovative approach and entrepreneurial vision, BIOSTAR is committed to providing brand new products and solutions for its clients who are engaged in laboratory studies and researches in various sectors. Offering services to universities and health institutions, it is one of the leading limited liability corporations in the market that supplies all medical consumables plus a wide range of chemicals for analytical and “life” sciences. The progress it shows and the customer satisfaction and reliability it ensures are a clear indication of how seriously it approaches the field it is a brand in. 

Our priority target is to offer the best products and services available in our market. In order to reach the said target, we intend to go on with the best staff possible whose members are highly experienced and qualified in the field. Thus, it is our most powerful side to have employees that are offered the best professional self-progress and career opportunities possible in a work atmosphere, which is always open for development. 

The most precious values we have are the reliability we ensure, a client- and quality-focused approach we emphasize and a leading spirit we respectfully raise for people and environment. BIOSTAR has already gained customer confidence with the rich product portfolio it has presented. As a leader company that offers best-quality and best services at competitive prices, BIOSTAR also provides customers with state-of-art technology in product use.

From the first leg of the projects supported by TÜBİTAK (the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey), DPT (State Planning Organization) and the Turkish Ministry of Science and Technology to the completion stage, BIOSTAR has always remained strongly supportive of handling product supply and delivery for customers and clients in the best and quickest way possible. 

BIOSTAR and its staff put in the utmost effort to access all universities and health institutions and make a name for it. BIOSTAR receives client satisfaction as a recompense for its hard work.

Company’s Activity: Import and sale of chemicals to be used in university research labs

Starting to operate in 2015 in a new building whose property belongs to BIOSTAR (total area occupied by offices and storages: Roughly 400 square meters), we aim to offer better services to clients and customers by taking firms steps towards expanding our capacity for business.