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Delta Technologies, Ltd.

Incorporated in 1986, Delta Technologies, Limited offers a variety of transparent, conductive indium tin oxide [ITO] coated products: unpolished and polished float (soda-lime) glass, aluminosilicate glass, FTO glass, and fused quartz; and an optical grade polyester [PET] film with a highly transparent, conductive indium oxide/gold/silver coating. These products are intended for use in spectroelectrochemistry, liquid crystal displays [LCD], organic light emitting diode [OLED] research and development, phosphor research and quality control, electroluminescent displays [ELD], and other applications that require planar, electrically conductive surfaces which are transparent from the ultraviolet to near infra-red. We moved our facility from Stillwater, MN to Loveland, CO in 2011. 

We also provide custom cutting services on our substrates or yours! Please contact us for information. 

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