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Ossila Limited

Founded in 2009 by organic electronics research scientists, Ossila aims to provide the components, equipment, and materials to enable intelligent and efficient scientific research and discovery. Nearly a decade on, we're proud to supply our products to over 1000 different institutions in over 80 countries globally.

With decades of academic and industrial experience in developing organic and thin-film LEDs, photovoltaics, and FETs, we know how long it takes to establish a reliable and efficient device fabrication and testing process. As such, we have developed coherent packages of products and services - enabling researchers to jump-start their organic electronics development program.

Our research scientists have significant experience in the processing of materials into LEDs, PVs and FETs. Amongst our team of physicists, chemists, and engineers, we have a huge collection of knowledge on thin-film processing, electronics, and characterisation. The vision behind Ossila is to share this experience with academic and industrial researchers alike, and to make their research more efficient. By providing products and services that take the hard work out of the device fabrication process, and the equipment to enable accurate, rapid testing, we can free scientists to focus on what they do best - science.

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